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Native Indian chefs

The meals are prepared by trained native Indian chefs that passed our strict selection process.

Traditon Indian recipes

Our cooking is based on traditional family recipes.

Great reviews

We appreciate the positive reviews on our food and service.

 ​Order our Meal CALL US  773 677 273

Our Meal is on those popular places available:

Rozvoz jídla indické restaurace Amritsar Mail
Dáme jídlo
Wolt delivery
Bolt Food

Table reservation

We accept reservation up 3pm only.
Call restaurant: +420 773 677 273, if it is a quick reservation (till 24 hours) or reservation till 3pm


Amritsar Mail
Vodičkova 701/34
110 00 Prague 1

Call us

773 677 273

Openning Hours

Monday - Friday: 11am - 11pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12am - 11pm

ID: 05774586,
VATID: CZ7704291914

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